Would you like to increase your SEX appeal?

Bad Intimate Hygiene will affect your SEX appeal.

Imagine, both of you naked on the bed. You are getting ready for a session of hot and passionate love-making. You have a rock hard erection and as you approach the most intimate parts of your partner, you hesitate, you pause because something is amiss. There is a foul scent, an uncomfortable scent that just puts you off. You know its not body odor but something else. Would you proceed with sex?? The moo is lost, the moment gone.

Assume it is the reverse? As your hot sexy partner approaches you, your partner hesitates and stops! Why? Was it because you have a ”smelly penis”? It may not just be your penis, but the “smell” may also come from your groin and testicles - Male Genital Odor.

Male Genital Odor and a “smelly penis”

Generally, many men are physically active and will therefore sweat. Unfortunately, many men are not good at keeping the intimate parts clean and get stuck with male genital odor.

Let’s face it, most men will ask, why bother cleaning it? Why use a specially formulated wash, when soap will suffice?

However, the skin around the penis, penis head and penis shaft is different. If you are cut, it may be dry, and if you are uncut, it may be moist. Whether cut or uncut, special care is required for your penis and the skin around your intimate.

DUROIL has a product
that is GUARANTEED to improve your
Personal Intimate Hygiene and increase your SEX appeal!

DIEM (Duroil Inner Energy Massage) Wash For Men is a "unique" concentrated wash formulation that is effective in ensuring clean male genital hygiene. DIEMl Wash for Men is soap free but has a gentle “FOAMING” action that cleans and removes oil and dirt.

DIEM Wash for Men is guaranteed to effectively remove bacteria, odor and impurities from the most intimate skin areas of a man.

Powerful botanicals and herbs have been infused into the wash. The idea is not only to clean but also to STIMULATE. DIEM Wash for Men contains Tribulus Terristeris and Smilax Myosotiflora extracts. These botanical and herbal extracts will enlarge blood vessels and encourage blood circulation in and around the penis shaft, groin and testicles.

DIEM Wash is proven to remove unwanted residuals from the use of condoms and lubricants in addition - emoving unwanted Male genital odor.

How to use DIEM Wash for Men:

Use DIEM Wash for Men as part of your daily wash routine. Alternatively, use it as part of your ritual prior to having sex. Using it in-between sex session will help reduce “rest” periods for erections.

Be it penis enlargement, erection enhancement or preventing premature ejaculation, personal intimate hygiene is very important. It’s basic facts; the cleaner the penis, the safer and more effective it is to perform penis enlargement and enhancement massage exercises.

In addition, the use of any enlargement device, be it a pneumatic or vacuum pump or a traction device on an unclean penis head and shaft will simply spread bacteria all over the penis and may lead to unwanted infection.

When you start using Duroil Massage oil for Men as part of your penis enlargement exercise, you will be familiar of the use of "warm" towels before and after Duroil penis enlargement excercises.

With the DIEM Wash for Men, Take it a step further!

Add a few drops of the wash onto the "warm" towel to refresh the skin; OR

Use the wash as part of a pre-penis enlargement massage and post-penis enlargement massage.


Wet intimate area with clean water. Apply between 8 to 12 drops to the penis head, groin and testicles. Gently rub and circulate wash onto the skin and leave on for 25 to 45 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with clean warm water. Repeat if desired.

If your have an uncut or uncircumcised penis, you will need to gently pull back your foreskin, hold back your foreskin. Wet the penis head with clean water. Then, apply between 8 to 12 drops of the wash directly onto the “wet” penis head, lather and allow for the wash to clean the penis head. Remember, to allow for the wash to stay on the skin between 25 and 45 seconds. Now rinse with clean warm water. Repeat is desired.

Note: You may decide to massage your penis outward and stretching it the penis shaft. This will help with increasing blood circulation.

YOU will gain the benefit of a cleaner, fresher feeling of your most intimate parts, GUARANTEED!

DIEM Wash for Men is highly recommended for use by sexually active men and men who want extra care for their male genitalia amd keep unwanter male genital odor at bay!

Daily use of DIEM Wash for Men can increase your SEX appeal.

DIEMl Wash for Men