You can DO IT without the need to perform special massage techniques or Jelqing!

Why use a DIEM penis extender when I am using Duroil?

At Duroil, we are PROUD to promote the use of DIEM Penis extenders. At Duroil, we have tested these extenders and find it extremely effective in producing long term penis enlargement results.

The reality is that ALL of us want instant results. Duroil works immediately, instant penis enlargement via topical application. BUT, If you are not keen or reluctant to start special self penis massage or perform "jelqing", the use of a DIEM penis extender will be your best bet for a long term and permanent solution.

DIEM penis extender shortens the time required to massage - a simple warm-up or penis stretching massage is still required but the rest of the "work" will be done by the "EXTENDING" power of the DIEM penis extender.

DIEM penis extender is extremely safe to use for long periods of time compared to Pneumatic pumps. Please note that Duroil penis massage oil works on its own but the use of Duroil with other devices like pneumatic pumps and penis extender will boost penis enlargement results.

How to use a DIEM penis extender when I am using Duroil?

It's so simple:

  1. Apply about 5 to 8 drops of Duroil along the penis shaft, avoiding the penis head or foreskin.

  2. Perform the warm up or pre-stretching massage, gently massaging the oil onto the penis. If necessary, wipe off excess oil.

  3. Affix DIEM penis extender and adjust the pressure along the rods. Please make sure that it is comfortable.

  4. Leave the penis extender on and adjust if required. Allow for the extender to take effect, minimum time required is 30 minutes a day.

  5. Perform the same steps 1 to 4 - two times a day. Stop when the desired result is achieved.

Note: You can use the extender for hours - just remember, to re-apply Duroil to turbo boost the results. Unlike, pneumatic penis pumps, there is no danger of bruising, distorted penis because of over use or abuse whilst using the pneumatic penis pump.

Remember, the other painful alternative….

If you are embarking on natural penis enlargement, you could try cosmetic surgery. Penis lengthening involves cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone while surgery to thicken it involves injecting fat into the penis. But instead of a longer or thicker penis, you could end up with loss of sensitivity, impotence, urinary incontinence, infections and constant pain.

DIEM penis extender - The Best Alternative to Penis Massage

We feel that the best alternative to massage is the use of DIEM penis extender. It is a proven solution for penis enlargement.

Clinically tested and proven, it's a non-surgical treatment that lets you achieve your desired length and girth in as little as 3 months. Independent test indicates a possible 24 - 50% increase in length and girth.

It's easy to use and can be worn discreetly (and comfortably) under loose-fitting apparel. Based on centuries-old traction techniques to enlarge body parts (such as those of the necks of the Padaung tribe in Burma or lips of African tribes).

DIEM penis extender - How it works?

DIEM penis extender works by applying gentle traction along the length of the penis shaft, stimulating the growth of penis tissue. This translates to EXTRA INCHES in length and girth. DIEM Penis Extender even strengthens curved penises.

Most importantly, penis enlargement is made SIMPLER. You do not have to worry about a penis massage routine.

You do not have to wear your extender 24 hours a day. Just slip it on for a few hours daily and your penis will extend in length and girth. No batteries, no electricity, no fuss.

"Whoever said size doesn't matter hasn't tried the DIEM Penis Extender! I went from 7" to 8.6" and I experienced stronger erections - and orgasms! It's safe and comfortable to use, I have it under my penis and no one knows!" - Michael Morten, Germany

"My boyfriend ordered the DIEM Penis Extender for me. At first, I was a bit upset that he would think I wasn't big enough for him. But I tried it anyway. After using it every day for 2 months, I can tell you it's done wonders for my confidence - and sex life. Here's how much my penis has grown - an extra 1-3/4" in length and 1/2" in girth. My boyfriend feels the difference and so do I!" - James Mater, New Zealand

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Rest assured, what we have is not a cheaper version made with inferior parts but a high quality product comparable to the more expensive versions.

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Diem Penis Extender

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