Are there safe and effective natural treatments for sexual dysfunction?

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Sexual Health

Sexual Health: An indicator of general wellbeing

In many cases, sexual dysfunction or sluggish sexual responses may be caused by poor systemic health, stress, the build up of toxins and unhealthy lifestyles.

In a way, sexual health can be seen as a sort of 'barometer' of overall systemic and psychological health. Men who are healthy, fit and confident about themselves and about life usually report a vigorous and satisfying sex life, regardless of their age.

Normal male sexual functioning: How does it work?

Sexual behaviour is a complex psycho physiological experience and there are many factors involved in healthy sexual functioning.

What can go wrong?

When a man encounters persistent difficulties in performing his normal sexual functions, he may be suffering from sexual dysfunction. This condition may take many forms. The most common problems are Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

These conditions can overlap-one man may have more than one condition at the same time. The good news is that solutions are available for all of these problems to help a man and his partner enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship throughout life.

Until relatively recently, a man with sexual dysfunction was likely to suffer in silence. He may have thought of the problem as a personal failure or an unavoidable part of the aging process. He may have been too embarrassed to bring up the subject with his doctor, or just have assumed that there was no good solution, so the condition went untreated. Several developments have changed that situation. Today not only do we have a greater understanding of male sexual health, but also a broader array of treatment options to help alleviate the problems.

Sexual Health-Problems

Erectile Dysfunction

Premature Ejaculation

Sexual Health-Treatments

Common treatment options for sexual dysfunction include:

Should I be concerned about unwanted side effects?

While many sufferers have benefited from commonly available treatment modalities, there are growing concerns about unpleasant adverse side effects associated with these treatments.

Oral vasodilators

Penile self-injection with vasodilators

Vacuum erection device

Penile prosthetic implants

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