I am from Mumbai, India. I purchased Duroil last week and choose premium delivery via DHL Express - it was as they promised - I received my tracking number (Airway BIll Number) immediately after it was shipped. The product is well packed and I am happy with the fast and prompt response to my order.

I followed the simple massage technique for two days - and now I have gotten an extra inch... really worth the money!

Anand J, INDIA

Genuine Penile Enlargement - I was skeptical about the claims! I initially ordered the single bottle using the DHL Global Mail delivery service. After three weeks of waiting, the product finally arrived to my door step.

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Nathan, INDIA

Here it is - I have a waist of 44 inches and in recent years, my penis started to appear shorter. I am happy that Duroil has helped me recover the lost inches! I did not have to do anything special - just a simple repetition of stretching.

Robert T, California, USA

I ordered Duroil using DHL - the order was process on the same day and I got my order in 3 work days!

I find the exercises simple and I really like the results! I am already long but find my hardness lacking. After 3 days of applying Duroil - twice a day - my erection regained its hardness. In fact, it was like I was in my teens.

M Ali, Dubai, UAE

I am in Mumbai, India - I ordered Duroil using their DHL service. I thought the price including shipping was expensive!

I received my order promptly and started using it immediately, following the instructions. I am pleased and happy that I order Duroil - I got a much bigger and longer penis now. Luckily, I ordered the 6 bottle pack - I will re-order for sure and considering the prompt delivery. Ordering via DHL was the best choice.

Suresh K, Mumbai, INDIA

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Steve L, Portland, USA

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Clive A, London, UK

My order was process on the same day and I got my order 7 days later as promised.

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Rajiv M, Mumbai, India

Duroil is different! It helps, I have used other products but Duroil is the only product that really worked! The exercises are simple to follow and execute. I visibly saw the size difference in 20 minutes. I could feel more improvements within the first 7 days of use. Now the exercises are just part of my daily routine.

Ralph Thomas, London, UK

I had problems with premature ejaculation. After starting the Duroil Inner Energy Massage regime, I found that I had better confidence and had seen growth in my penis. I had an incredible hour-long session with my partner. Even after I ejaculated, my penis continued to remain hard and strong. I attribute the extra growth and strength of my penis to Duroil. Thank you...

Ken Tay, Washington, USA

I am really pleased with the results! Simple and easy to perform massage technique to follow - I got real enhancement, no more pre-mature ejaculation.


I ordered using the DHL Global Mail delivery option - it was a few days before I got an shipping confirmation from their logistics team. I was initially skeptical as the level of service is poor. I got my certificate of posting number after 4 work days of my order. It seems that my order was routed via Taiwan. I got my parcel about 6 work days later. Total delivery time was a little over 12 work days.

Anyway, the product works as it claims - and I have re-ordered. This time, I ordered Duroil and I used the DHL Express option. I spent a little over $130 and got a free gift worth US$20.
I got my confirmation of shipment within the same work day! and I got my order in less than 5 work days!

Amazing service and thank you, Duroil - I am now your fan!

Gregory, California, USA

I am amazed! Duroil works almost immediately as claimed! I was able to follow the simple exercises and got the inch in just a few minutes. I continued with the exercise for several days and got real results. I am happy choose Duroil.

Peter K, Michigan, USA

I noticed that my penis although hard - did not have the same length. I bought Duroil Travel Size - 30ml and started the simple massage exercise. It took about 8 mins to complete the exercise. I did see a change - I continued the exercises for a few days and got the extra inches. I have just re-ordered and am excited about the potential enlargement results.

Clive A, London, UK

I practice Jelqing and find it fairly effective. I could not believe the results I was getting after using Duroil with my Jelqing exercies. I tried other penis massage oil and creams but it did not provide the fast results and long lasting results I got by using Duroil. Duroil is different, the oil has a sweet but manly scent that is just a pleasure to use.

Alex Lee, Singapore, USA

Amazing logistics and delivery service! I ordered the product in the morning and it was delivered to my office in a discreet parcel in the evening of the same day. I viewed the massage exercise technique and found it easy to follow and execute. I just re-ordered, same prompt delivery.

Ahmad T, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Duroil is truly remarkable. Using Duroil I was able to recover the extra inches that I lost due to Obesity. I have a waist of 44 inches and in recent years, my penis although hard appeared shorter. I am happy that Duroil has helped me recover the lost inches!

Martin K, Kansas, USA

Take control of your SEX life and YES, size does matter! - Thank you, Duroil - I now enjoy deeper and more penetrative sex than ever before.

Kumar B, Katmandu, Nepal

Thank you - Duroil. I experimented with Jelqing and found its results less than exciting. I purchased Duroil in late February 2009 and replaced the baby oil I was using for Jelqing with Duroil. Duroil really is different.

I visually saw the growth and most importantly, the growth stayed longer. The instructions provided by Duroil is simple to execute. Now even if I am not able to Jelq, the size and girth stays.

Alex Smith, Colorado, USA

Thank you for your prompt service, I was worried about the guarantee of delivery as stated on your website, I am just being honest here - you guys are so far away in Malaysia. I placed my order on Monday and within a few hours I received a welcome note. Best part, I received my order on Monday the next week as promised. I also received all the necessary information to start using duroil.

Keith Francis, California, USA

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"Duroil is safe, natural and is externally applied"

Duroil contains Hirudin Extract, Olea Europaea Oil, Almond Oil,
Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa Nucifera, Zingiberis Officinale,
Aleurites Moluccana, Piper Nigrum, Palm Oil and Essential oil of Ylang-ylang.